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Unpublish This Version

Ideal for test drawings, drawings that users don't want accidentally included in public website, or programs that are no longer being offered, but should not be deleted.

  • Users are able to unpublish drawings within their organization or affiliated organizations only.
  • Public links to published drawings will return drawing not found
  • Unpublished drawings cannot be edited. Copy it to a new version to make changes.
  • New versions that are published will be instantly accessible through shared published links.
  • Previously published versions can no longer be edited, however, they can be re-published.

To un-publish a drawing:

  1. Click report_go.png unpublish this version from the TOOLS menu on the drawing canvas (view/edit mode).
  2. You will be taken to the cog.png Drawing Properties page, and the version previously published will no longer be highlighted and stamped as "(Published)".